With StruM.I.S You can do it Faster and Better

You can do it faster and better

How much time do you spend finding and processing data in your steel fabrication business?

  • Do you grab your hard hat and tape measure and run out to the shop floor to get an inventory count?
  • Do you spend hours or days making a bill of materials in Excel to then manage your project?
  • When a client wants an update on their project do you run around the shop/yard checking on the status?
  • Is it a gut response to the question, “Do you have the capacity to get the job done in 1-2-3 weeks”?
  • Are you looking for paperwork in a box from 6 weeks ago?

Be honest, if you answered YES to any of the above questions then you’ll want to continue reading…..

The scenarios listed above are just some of the examples that potential clients share with me daily. None of the tasks are of value and nor does any client wish to pay for it, it is simply waste.

Remove the waste and you’re on the way to lean manufacturing.

StruM.I.S – steel fabrication management software – can help your fabrication shop be more efficient and effective, and adopt lean manufacturing as your core business strategy, instantly creating your competitive advantage.

Examples include; produce more bids with the same man-hours, create bill of materials within minutes, get instant updates on productivity, capacity, inventory status, billing milestones, automatic tracking of changes, MTRs linked directly to inventory, the list goes on.

But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself at

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Lighting the way in South Africa

Kusile Power Station will end Load Shedding

Kusile Power Station in Witbank, South Africa; is one of the largest energy infrastructure projects under construction in the world. This 4,800 megawatt power station will result in a much needed reliable electricity supply for South Africa, ending the current power crisis and “load shedding”


When the world is watching

With the whole world watching and waiting, the Kusile Power Station construction requires industry-leading project management performance to meet the challenging schedule with a critical cost focus.

Shortened schedules and maximised productivity critical

Fortunately, StruM.I.S, the global leading steel fabrication management information solution, guarantees to always shorten schedules, and maximises productivity; in addition, it’s three StruM.I.S Bar code data-collection tools enable quick and accurate data capturing of employees, site materials and piece tracking; a huge benefit to Kusile Power Station Contractor, Genrec Engineering – a StruM.I.S user.

RF-barcoding strumis-scan



No mean feat

Contracted to provide detailing; project management; site support; erection planning; and fabricate 6 boiler units of 18,300 tons per unit, Genrec needed to track the exact location of items within the complex Kusile Power Station construction site – measuring approximately 3,350 acres or over 5 square miles (1,355 hectares)!

Exact item location in a 5 square mile site

Developed for Genrec, StruM.I.S provided bar code tracking functionality through a bespoke designed interface to track all Genrec site movement of materials and fabricated items to within 1 metre.

Genrec simply scans items into the Production Delivery notes when leaving their fabrication facility, heading for the site. Once the shipment is received at Kusile Power Station, the items are then scanned again to ensure nothing has been lost during transit. Their StruM.I.S Inventory module then shows the exact location, of Genrec’s items, including GPS latitude and longitude co-ordinates, for easy onsite traceability. A godsend throughout the entire 5 year project.

Now that’s organised inventory!

StruM.I.S now offers the additional customisable option of GPS location tracking via barcoding, to enable complete onsite traceability for clients with multiple location warehousing or large site storage issues. Find out how StruM.I.S could revolutionise your Steel Fabrication business, we guarantee within minutes you’ll see the light.

da BOM! Bill of Material (BOM) – where the story begins

In the beginning

Bill of Material (BOM) – This is where the story begins once you’ve successfully secured the project bid.


I see fabricators build this list in Excel with the help of macros, drop down lists, vlookups et al. They have it narrowed down to the most efficient way of building the BOM. And it probably is with the tools that they have available. But it certainly is not the most effective – that way is long gone!

For those of you that use management information software, such as StruM.I.S, to manage this, you’re ahead of the game. I’m speaking to the ones out there that who are still using Excel or access based tools to manage the BOM. Shorten your information flow by automating this process and setting up the downstream processes for success.

Eight tips to look for in detailed accuracy:

1. Drawing, assembly, super-assembly, piece mark (component), quantity
2. Material or section type, length and width
3. Division/Phase/Sequence #, lotting
4. GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers)
5. Automatic revision tracking
6. Ability to toggle between a consolidated listing and a flattened listing
7. Ability to link drawings and CAM (dwg, dxf, pdf, nc1 etc)
8. Ability to view your BOM in 3D visual environment

Fast and Flexible

Large projects may entail producing 1-2 Divisions per month for 6 months, other projects you can build and ship within a week. As a fabricator you need flexibility built into managing your BOM. Flexibility can look like space requirements to store material; approvals for construction trickling in by division; constant changes and scope creep; long lead time material to plan for.

Seamless Integration
integration_logos_bottom integration_logos_top









By integrating with 3D CAD packages Tekla, Revit, SDS/2., Autodesk Advance Steel, Solidworks, Bentley ProStructures/ProSteel Inventor and BoCAD; StruM.I.S can import the necessary files and create an accurate BOM in ten seconds By having this information up front you will be able to plan your nesting and procurement needs, erection sequencing, production and shipment schedules, up-to-date status tracking.

Take the challenge

I can show you how to do it faster, in minutes.
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Business model built on dedication and investment in technology

Business model built on dedication and investment in technologyBusiness model built on dedication and investment in technology

From the bottom up, Frank and Dolores Kiernan have built their successful business.
25 years ago, Frank and Dolores Kiernan saw their world fall apart when they were both made redundant. Frank had worked in the steel erection business and Dolores in accounting and book-keeping. When their efforts of finding alternative employment failed, the couple were left facing a bleak future. Instead, they embarked on a journey to form their own business. And in 1989, Kiernan Structural Steel was created.

Today, ready to mark their 25th year anniversary, they have much to celebrate. From what started out as a way to create jobs for themselves has now grown into a hugely successful business that has over 100 employees and an annual turnover of €13m in 2012.

Even after 25 years, they have not lost any of their enthusiasm for the business. Inside their modern factory large CNC operated machines cut and drill the raw material into their required lengths in a largely automated process assisted by the StruM.I.S software nesting and production routing features to further assist in managing purchasing and stock control hence reducing overheads and waste material.

Frank Kiernan comments, “We had very humble beginnings.” “We started the business in an old, two-bay hayshed at the rear of our home.”

Things were slow to begin with until the early 90s where Kiernan Structural Steel received a welcome boost when the Government introduced grants for farmers wanting to build new sheds. To cope with the extra demand, the Kiernan’s expanded their existing premise and hired their first employees. With added capacity, a broader skill-base and the experience gained from working on smaller projects, they began to target the wider construction sector.

Business model built on dedication and investment in technology

In the mid 90’s, the couple bought their first automated sawing and drilling CNC machines. “It was a huge investment” said Frank Kiernan. However, it proved to be a wise decision by significantly increasing their productivity and enabling them to undertake even larger projects.

Kiernan Structural Steel also invested in StruM.I.S – a steel fabrication management system enabling them to be efficient in their steel fabrication. StruM.I.S integrated well into their steelwork fabrication, providing traceability and real-time piece status tracking to ensure successful project execution ultimately displaying significant cost & time savings.

Dolores comments, “We have worked on projects with many top Irish and international firms, such as Google, Intel, Tesco, Diageo / Guinness, Kerry Foods, PM Group and many others.”

“Our staff are highly skilled, many have been working with us for up to 20 years,” says Frank. “While we are a family-owned and family-run company, everyone has a real say in how the company is run,” he insists.

The story of Kiernan Structural Steel is a real example of how one couple managed to turn what could have been a bleak future into a hugely successful one through their own hard work and investment in the right technology enabling ROI.

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How does the BCSA’s mandatory introduction of CE marking affect me, and how can StruM.I.S help?

CE Marking logoAs of 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Directive (CPD) will be removed and replaced by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). The main difference between the two is that the CPR is mandatory and comes into effect in the UK and RoI law on 1st July 2013. The CPR makes CE marking mandatory in all member states including the UK and RoI for construction products covered by a harmonised standard or a European Technical Assessment that is in force.

What is CE Marking?

CE Marking is a regulatory mark applied by the manufacturer that is a declaration to public authorities and clients that the product satisfies required levels of health and safety (concerning such issues as release of hazardous substances and structural strength).

How does this affect you – steelwork contractors?

From 1st July 2013:-

From the 1st July 2013 steelwork contractors must have in place a purchasing system that will ensure that essential products (steel sections, structural bolting assemblies, welding consumables etc.) are covered by a Standard (specification), purchased and correctly CE marked.
The model purchase specifications for structural sections and bolting assemblies produced by BCSA may be used to develop a purchasing system that complies with the CPR.

From 1st July 2014:-

BS EN 1090-1- Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures – (Part 1) Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components (1st July 2014) 

The CE Marking standard for fabricated steelwork is BS EN 1090-1 and this is supported by the fabrication standard BS EN 1090-2 and the welding quality management standard BS EN ISO 3834. Those affected by CE Marking must put in place a Factory Production Control system (FPC) and have the system certified by a Notified Body.

Other things to consider

  • Selection of correct Consequence Class (CC) as per Eurocode 0 (EN 1990 standard)
  • Design in accordance with Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-series standards)
  • Designers material selection (EN 1993-1-10 requirements)
  • Selection of correct execution class (EXC) by designers, acc. to EN 1090-2
  • Workshop certifications to ISO 9000 and the relevant part of ISO 3834 for the workshop
  • The workshop must have a welding coordinator; his minimum qualifications depend on the EXC. For execution class EXC3 and EXC4 he must be certified welding engineer (EWE/EWI)
  • Generally the workshop must follow the EN 1090-2 standard for the fabrication of steel structures

Traceability and how StruM.I.S can help…

For Audit purposes traceability is now a key factor in gaining CE accreditation.

AceCad Software, along with StruM.I.S – a complete steel fabrication management system and Essentials by StruM.I.S – A light steel fabrication management information and production system for Small to Medium (SME) sized engineering and steelwork fabrication companies, will help you gain CE Marking accreditation, as we have off the shelf products available to assist you with traceability. Designed especially for smaller fabrication teams and with the features that smaller businesses need, Essentials by StruM.I.S is the perfect management system to assist in the tracking of production, purchasing and is a one stop solution for documenting the day to day running of your business.

Richard Brotherton, Managing Director of AceCad Software commenting on the release of Essentials by StruM.I.S said, ’Essentials opens a world of potential business advantages on the steelwork project to all in the sector. Smaller fabricators can now experience new levels of capability, unrivalled in the industry, to deliver benefits to their businesses and other project stakeholders’.

AceCad is aware of the current grievance felt by UK companies due to the recent changes in the construction industry. We have therefore created a cost effective solution that can not only be implemented smoothly, but also see you earn a return on your investment.

To learn more on how StruM.I.S can help you gain CE Marking accreditation:

Steel Purchasing webinar


Watch our webinar covering Better Purchasing with StruM.I.S  on our YouTube channel here

Join AceCad team at SteelFab 2013 exhibition on stand 182

AceCad Software will be attending the SteelFab 2013 exhibition, 14 – 17 January, 2013, Expo Centre, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

SteelFab 2013 is the biggest display of steel fabrication machinery and associated engineering products in the Middle East and it is a must visit if you are engaged in the structural steelwork sector.

SteelFab 2013 is an opportunity for you to find out about new and advanced steelwork solutions and this year it will also deliver knowledge about the latest trends in the steelwork industry through practical seminars.

Steven Watson, Sales Manager at AceCad, will be delivering an informative presentation on advanced software technology for efficient steel fabrication on 16 January 2013 at 10.30 – 11.15. This presentation will focus on how our advanced software products deliver centralized control and project insight for efficient management of steelwork fabrication.

AceCad  will also be exhibiting on stand number 182 and welcomes any delegate registered/attending SteelFab 2013 to drop by to see us, where our sales representatives will be demonstrating live our solutions for efficient structural steel fabrication management.

Our Middle East team will show you our StruM.I.S system for larger and medium sized steelwork fabricators together with our new Essentials solution for smaller fabrication shops.

We hope that you avail this opportunity to join us to discover our Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration software BIMReview and introducing BIMProject our brand new construction lifecycle management software for procurement and construction teams.

Accordingly, we look forward to meeting existing clients and visitors to the exhibition and helping your business to succeed. We welcome any advance meeting reservation requests on marketing@acecadsoftware.com

AceCad Software releases StruM.I.S V8.1

AceCad Software is pleased to announce the release of StruM.I.S V8.1, our latest steelwork fabrication management system designed to meet needs of medium and larger sized steelwork contractors. StruM.I.S V8.1 includes many new features to operate steel fabrication sites more efficiently, with greater flexibility and offering enhanced functionality.

StruM.I.S V8.1 new features overview

  • New 64 bit architecture
  • New, more user friendly setup wizard, including updated material and cross references
  • Improved revision management functionality
  • Enhanced plate logic
  • Ability to review drawings and documents at all levels
  • Latest BIMReview, model viewer embedded
  • BIMReview CAD Interfaces for Tekla and SDS/2
  • Partial Work Order Issuing

What are the business benefits of StruM.I.S V8.1?

  • Even easier and more user friendly to use
  • Pre populated with material libraries – ready to implement
  • Greater flexibility through enhanced enquiries and estimating tools
  • Superior control at every level of production
  • Revisions can be created at any stage of production
  • Advanced levels of referencing and visualisation through BIMReview
  • Cost reduction, with enhanced traceability and process control
  • Option to install add-ins for Tekla and SDS/2
  • Saves time, reduces laborious tasks and minimises human error

With the release of StruM.I.S V8.1, AceCad Software emphasizes its commitment to delivering the very best in integrated data management and visualisation tools for the steel sector. Simon Inman, Technical Director for AceCad Software, commenting on the release said, “StruM.I.S V8.1 delivers even greater business advantages for steelwork contractors across their steelwork projects. Users will benefit from new levels of functionality to deliver instant decision support across projects. This latest exciting release is in line with our aim to enable, through our software, our users to utilize their Information to deliver real time Knowledge to make Powerful decisions”.

Heard about CNC Feedback Timings?

CNC machinery automates many fabrication processes but imagine if you could accurately track the fabrication time that was spent on individual tasks, providing all of the relevant data that you would need to accurately provide a bid for future jobs. Imagine if you could do this automatically within a system! Making the task much simpler and easier to monitor and track production.

The StruM.I.S fabrication management system integrates with leading CNC machinery to deliver accurate automatic processing feedback timings to incorporate into future estimates. Thereby enabling fabrication companies to get ahead by understanding the resources available and true costs for accurate tenders at competitive prices, whilst still ensuring adequate profits are created.

How to get the most from your CNC machinery?

Technology, in the present tense is expanding at a faster rate than ever before; with advancing technology becoming much more productive is an upgrade to the latest equipment the solution to all of your needs? Here at AceCad we believe that an organisation doesn’t primarily survive with the latest hardware; they need to connect their systems together for a smoother transition. That’s why we’ve developed our new MIS software in StruM.I.S. StruM.I.S can deliver a substantial increase in productivity throughout the entire business. The software not only increases productivity but saves costs and creates a much higher rate of efficiency. All of which means greater profitability.

If you have invested in state of the art CNC equipment you could revitalise your business and organise the production rate far more efficiently with the aid of the StruM.I.S steelwork fabrication system. Increasing productivity whilst decreasing costs is what pushes a business forward. Why take the risks when you can reap the rewards.

AceCad’s New Look

The recent changes to the business has led AceCad to make a well informed decision to overhaul our branding – changing the look and the feel of the business. Our websites and associated online resources are a direct correspondence to that change, including all of our offline collateral.

The new look AceCad is an easy to navigate map of the business. Whether you’re a big or small corporation and wherever you place in the construction chain you will be able to find everything that you are looking for; from leading BIM solutions to our dedicated steelwork fabrication software or even our steel detailing services.

If however you cannot find what you’re looking for everyone here at AceCad are more than willing to help and implore you to get in touch!